I often get asked about why I show my skin online.
It’s a very important part of my life, and part of my pursuit of beauty and sensuality.
It makes me feel free, artistically and physically.
It makes me feel in control of my body. It makes me feel empowered.
Putting myself out here is my way of feeling liberated and feminine.

The naked body is the most natural state of a human being and skin is the most beautiful thing. It made me realise that  ‘imperfections’ truly are beautiful.



Fashionnova supported me for this project. I’m wearing the pink Caged In Love Teddy in Rose, the black Manipulation Teddy and the Nightly Craving Panties. I love how they always use a diverse range of models on their whole website. We are all perfectly flawed and beautiful. 








my only hope is that

even for a moment 

I helped you see the world

a little bit different. 

– Words by WILDER